My Workshops.


How it works: First up, they’re quite a roller coaster ride. I’ll take you to the core of your issues – hard and fast. I don’t beat around the bush. If you want serious change – and are ready and able to handle change – then read on.

This is the way I work. The fundamental basis of any work I do with you is this – You are the creator of your experience. Its as simple as that. No victim stuff. You are in charge. Your life is a result of what ‘s in your energy. Energy doesn’t lie. It’s a Universal Law – like attracts like.

Now here’s the tricky bit. We’re not aware of everything that lies in our energy. We inherit family patterns and trauma, we come with a whole series of lessons to learn and can be pretty blind to our own behavior. This is where the group dynamic comes in. It becomes your mirror. And there’s nothing more powerful then having your own stuff reflected back at you. You’ll leave the room empowered to create change in your life. That I can guarantee. What you do with it – now that’s up to you.

Issues that can be dealt with: There isn’t an issue I have come across that I haven’t been able to tackle through Constellation – from “I cant find a partner” to “I have severe OCD” to “I would like to make more money” to “I’m in an abusive relationship”. Anything under the sun really. Here are some of the anything under-the-sun issues I have worked with:

Relationships (partners, parents, siblings etc)

  • Not being able to find one’s soulmate/compatible partner
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Patterns of infidelity (attracting partners who cheat)
  • Abusive relationships
  • Not feeling ‘valued’, ‘heard’ or ‘acknowledged’ in your relationship
  • Feeling unloved
  • Commitment issues
  • Pre-marriage jitters
  • Attracting horrible bosses
  • Financially cheated by a business partner

Financial Abundance and Success

  • Limited income regardless of how hard you work
  • Spending excessively
  • Not being paid what you feel you services are worth
  • Discovering internal obstacles that hold you back from success


  • Factors that trigger emotional eating
  • Reasons we stay overweight

Stepping into your own Power

  • Overcoming Physical, mental, emotional abuse
  • Self-love
  • Self- worth
  • Overcoming rejection
  • Discovering your life’s purpose



Nura U.

“I always look forward to Samar’s workshops. As a facilitator she makes me feel safe, she is very observant and will always give things the time it deserves.”


Cholpan A.

“My experience with Samar has been that I have found a soulmate who can read you, help you, stand by you, be a sister, a mother and accept you for who you are, a person who can push you towards the best and tell you what you need to your face in an easy and understandable way in a manner that is easy to accept.”


Bhavna L.

“Samar creates a space that is very easy to be in where we can deal with deep issues. We experience subtle yet profound shifts. Samar is very patient and allows people to come into self -realisations at their own pace. The whole process is very beautiful and graceful. I feel extremely grateful for Samar having the passion and dedication to do this. She never hesitates to communicate hard-hitting difficult message with love.”

Sierra Leone

Leena K.

“Samar has created a space for a sense of peace, love, laughter, where we can be ourselves and support one another.”


Waad J.

“Samar is a true definition of a mirror – her workshops are led so gracefully, each of us feels like a leader within ourselves. She brings lightness and humor and allows for our deepest shame to be seen with light, love and acceptance. She mirrors , inside her workshops and out, what true potential is, courage, focus and what is possible – and that it is all possible.”


Ban J.

“I feel safe and comfortable, and trust her process entirely. Samar creates an environment that nurtures vulnerability and feel confident that we always walk out of the room with the learning that we need.”


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