Name: Cholpan A

Age: 37

Occupation: Wife, Mother of 3, Business Owner

Nationality: Kazakhstani

How long have you been working with Samar: 3 years

What have you learned/ What have been your key takeaways:

I have learned to listen to myself, use my god given gift of intuition. Other lessons include forgiveness, different perspectives, my heart has opened which has allowed me to become more mature, warmer, loving. I learned that nothing is forbidden and that life is full of chances and responsibilities. I have broken down my walls and am more receptive, more authentic, I speak from the heart and have come into peace within myself. I have learned gratitude for the people in my life. I have learned not to judge and accept people as they are without assumptions. I have learned to trust myself and use my inner guidance and that the answer is always inside of me.

How has life changed?

I have become wiser, more patient and take full responsibility for my life. I am working on allowing the authentic me to come out. I am learning to love myself first so everyone can love me for who I am. When faced with tough situations, I keep in mind there are always infinite possibilities and opportunities and chances and have come into a deeper ownership of myself.

A few words about Samar:

My experience with Samar has been that I have found a soulmate who can read you, help you, stand by you, be a sister, a mother and accept you for who you are, a person who can push you towards the best and tell you what you need to your face in an easy and understandable way in a manner that is easy to accept.



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