Name: Waad J.

Age: 34

Nationality: Palestinian

Occupation: Movement Coach

What have you learned/ What have been your key takeaways?

I have learned to take responsibility for my life and see the world from a different view – with beauty, clarity and freedom. I have learned to face my fears, recognize myself outside of my family, friends and surroundings. I now embrace my failures with lightness, gratitude and appreciation. I have a deeper understanding of my role in my family, have more self-definition and have come into my own. I understand who I am versus who they want me to be. I take life a lot more lightly and have come into self-love and confidence. I now step up and own my space. I have a deeper acceptance of myself,  my past and own it. I express myself with a more confidence and authenticity.

How has life changed?

I have come into my independence and have a lot more comfort and peace within myself. My relationships have flourished – especially with my parents, which is now like a friendship. I live in line with my true desires. My divine feminine has blossomed bringing my masculine and feminine into balance. I express myself with a much greater ease. I am less serious and have learned to let go.

A few words about Samar:

Samar is a true definition of a mirror – her workshops are led so gracefully, each of us feels like a leader within ourselves. She brings lightness and humor and allows for our deepest shame to be seen with light, love and acceptance. She mirrors , inside her workshops and out, what true potential is, courage, focus and what is possible – and that it is all possible.



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