Name: Leena K.

Age: 38

Nationality: Sierre Lenonian

How long have you been working with Samar: 2 years

What have you learned/ What have been your key takeaways?

I was carrying a lot of grief and spent the the past 2 years letting go, acknowledging who I am, owning who I am and have been through a transformation. I have come into myself and now have clarity in different aspects of my life.

How has life changed?

Life has dramatically changed. I am pursuing my passions fearlessly and my creativity grew in leaps and bounds. I am a lot more peaceful now, I don’t force things – I allow them to happen. I shifted from being a control freak and working out of society’s expectations to following my heart.

A few words about Samar:

Samar has created a space for a sense of peace, love, laughter, where we can be ourselves and support one another.



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