Name: Bhavna L.

Age: 33

Occupation: Risk Consultant at Deloitte and Touche, Therapist

Nationality: Indian

How long have you been working with Samar: 2 years

What have you learned/ What have been your key takeaways:

I have learned how to process my emotions, as a therapist I had always been in my head and now I am more in tune with my feelings. My most profound learning has been understanding my role within my family as it brought be back to how to be a daughter, sister, aunt etc. The workshops gave me an outlet to be with my father’s death and handle it with grace by maintaining self-awareness during my crisis point.

How has life changed?

I am more confident, patient and graceful. I am more in tune with my divine feminine and live through her. I am gracefully growing in self-awareness and intuition and have become more grounded and present.

A few words about Samar:

Samar creates a space that is very easy to be in where we can deal with deep issues. We experience subtle yet profound shifts. Samar is very patient and allows people to come into self -realisations at their own pace. The whole process is very beautiful and graceful. I feel extremely grateful for Samar having the passion and dedication to do this. She never hesitates to communicate hard-hitting difficult message with love.



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