Name: Nura U.

Age: 36

Nationality: Russian

How long have you been working with Samar: 3+ years

What have you learned/ What have been your key takeaways:

I have come into a deeper understanding of who I am and various aspects of my life. I am more present and have blossomed in self confidence and self love. I feel more alive and joyful and maintain that energy consistently. I feel a lot more unity within myself. I have grown in courage and grace and am a lot more open and courageous.

How has life changed?

I am working towards a career that entails my passions and I process things with ease, grace and focus. I have started to own aspects of my power.

I always look forward to Samar’s workshops. As a facilitator she makes me feel safe, she is very observant and will always give things the time it deserves.



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