Strut Your Way to Success Workshops

Samar has taken the top lessons from her book and expanded them into women empowerment programs just for you! Her motto, “Step up to your Power, Purpose and Passion” is resonating with audiences Worldwide. Each empowerment program is designed for women looking to hop on the fast track to success.

Self awareness is sexy

Understanding who you are is critical to success. Think of it this way, how do you sell something if you don’t know its amazing features and benefits? This step of the program is a great starting point. Samar will give you step by step guidance so you quickly learn your unique value and develop a sense of self awareness. What could be sexier than that?!

A stiletto state of mind

Ok, now that you have a sexy sense of self awareness, you need to learn to dress it up and take it out! Your appearance, even with the sexiest level of self awareness, is also critical to success. You’ve no doubt heard the saying ‘Dress to Impress’. That’s exactly what Samar will teach you to do! Don’t worry if you can’t even imagine the thought of wearing stilettos. It’s all in the state of mind!

Own your magnificence

You’re well on your way to success at this point, but you still have to own it! The most successful women in this world own everything from the shoes in their closet to the mistakes they’ve made in life. Samar will teach you how to see the bright side of everything. Even those embarrassing moments that make you cringe. It’s the imperfections that make us perfect. Own your magnificence today!


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