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Why no man will ever be ‘good enough’

As women living in a world where the pressure and expectation to attain unrealistic standards in all aspects of life – we are told a thousand times on a daily basis we are not good enough, nor will we ever be perfect enough (cue barrage of photoshopped models, detox teas, thigh gap, fake hair, false eyelashes, shredded 6 pacs, tiny waists, breast implants, insta pics of what the perfect relationship looks like, society’s ideals on what the perfect ‘mum’ etc…)

So in this endless pursuit of self-perfection, one, how is a man to keep up? (given they’re not exposed to the intense messaging women are) and two – how will he ever be good enough if we’re not good enough?
If we are driven by the pressure of expectation to become who we are not, by default, our partner looks unambitious and lazy. Apollo’s chariot manned by supernatural horses couldn’t help him keep up with us.

Ladies, its time to stop the chase of endless self-perfection. Acknowledging and allowing ourselves to be who we truly are gives our partners the permission to do the same. Bring in self-love so we can truly love another – for who they are, what they are and where they are in life.

Relax, breathe and let go. Give yourself a break and give your man a chance.

Time to step up.

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Be all that you are

Samar Shera



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