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When Nike forgot Real Women

“Its a shame the ‘fitness’ industry is on the lets-propel-low-self-esteem wagon”

Has anyone noticed how the mannequins out at the Nike store are now supermodel fit? And the models in advertisements are athletes? What happened to all the real people? This really triggers an old memory for me. If you weren’t the best in gym class in high school – you were ignored. You were the best or nothing. Everybody in between (the majority mind you) just didn’t matter.

I digress. It’s a shame the ‘fitness’ industry is on the lets-propel-low-self-esteem bandwagon. It’s quite paradoxical really. Part of fitness is a positive mindset, except if I don’t walk into Nike with an already perfect physique, I might as well not even put their clothes on.

Let me share my athletic skills. I can endure labor for 3 days straight and push a baby out while raging a high fever and throwing up after not having slept for 48 hours. I can wake up 6 times a night to nurse my child. I can hold my 4-week-old baby on a 16-hour night flight on an airplane with no bassinet.

I can put on a smile in the morning get through a day juggling motherhood, moving homes, breastfeeding and jet lag.

Thank you Nike. Keep your ideal that all athletes should meet your displays of ‘perfect’ mannequins. I’m going to be my own kind of athlete.

Though you were partially right – I can do it. Without you.



Be all that you are

Samar Shera



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