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Welcome to my world

I’m a mum to a 4 year old. That carries a great responsibility for me. The moment I laid eyes on my son I made a promise not pass on my baggage to him. An incredible journey set forth from an innocent promise….

I’m a philosopher at heart. You know that annoying kid that never stops asking ‘why’ – yup that was me, and I have never stopped asking. As an adult, I have chosen the path less travelled. At the peak of my career, I gave it all up to search for a deeper meaning in life. I still have a nice house and a nice car. But I also ask the question “Who am I”, “Why am I here?” and “what will I make of this journey called life?”

I foraged the books of the greatest philosophers who lay before me to seek my answers but now I see the answers in day-to-day life, what I create as experiences and my perception of the Universe. Another dimension in me, that surely cannot be ignored, is the ‘woman’ in me. Yes, wellbeing and beauty (my definition of it) are on my mind.

I believe I am part of a new generation of women that strut down the road, baby in arm, latest handbag on shoulder and burning questions in mind – ‘what am I here to accomplish’, ‘how am I going to do it with a child in tow’, ‘what kind of parent am I being’ and ‘how am I going to serve the world’.

If any of this resonates, then I have inkling you may enjoy my work (or my ‘musings’ as I lovingly call them).

Here I am. This is me. And I hope I can be of some service.



Be all that you are

Samar Shera



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