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The Values we Teach our Kids About Money

Money, money, money. When you’re young, you’re told its not grown on trees and taught to be super stringent when spending. The underlying message has always been – grow up, get out and make your own money/show me how much money you can make.

We are, in essence, taught the scarcity mentality just about the same time we can walk. It’s funny that we’ll wait to a certain age of maturity to have the dreaded sex talk with out kids and proceed with much caution, but money – we openly teach survival of the fittest, it’s a dog eat dog world and we better rake it in. Moreover, we open the prison door and show our kids the way to a zombie existence of 9-5 slave labour for corporations that will spit you out faster than they can sneeze.

We all know money doesn’t buy happiness yet that’s exactly what we advocate.

It’s quite obscene really.

So here’s the thing about money.  In the workshops I facilitate (on the ever popular topic) to uncover blocks to financial abundance – she shows up as a feminine energy. By feminine, I mean nurturing, commands respect in a graceful manner and will not put up with abuse – and that is how she would like to be treated if you were to welcome her in your life. The old way, the masculine way, of being forceful to get it, using it as a means to an end and the ‘use and abuse’ mentality is now passé.

What if we chose to no longer be slaves to it – rather, let it be of service to us while we are in service to something greater than ourselves – call it your purpose, what you were born to do, what you believe you contribute to society.

Better yet, what if that’s what we taught our kids?

So here’s what I’m teaching my son. There is more importance in finding yourself then there is in growing your bank account. It is of more value to be of contribution to society than it is to add that extra zero to your income. And when the combination of your purpose meets that energy of abundance, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with – a lesson people go their entire lives being blind to.

Welcome to the era where money is now of the Divine Feminine.

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