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The Objectification of a Woman’s Body

It’s a rarity and a gift to see a woman entirely present and grounded in her body in this day and age. We hurl shame at it. We sexually objectify it. We abuse it. We let our judgements of it limit its movement and beauty. The worthlessness – oh, the worthlessness.  We raise our girls to put make-up on long before their age, label make up products with self-esteem raising names, pressure them to look the way the photo-shopped models look and to get Botox, fillers, breasts implants (all in an attempt to look like reality TV stars) while twerking their backside for any form of male attention. All while taking a provocative selfie (no, it is not a skill).

Then we wonder why our young girls are sexually involved with no understanding of the body (courtesy of our marring it) and women have sex to feel any form of love they can get as a reflection of their own lack of self love.

Women are born with an innate wisdom and their bodies are a vehicle of that sacred knowledge. We must strip away our shackles of society’s imprisonment on the female body to access the unlimited feminine potential within us all. Raising a girl with her self-worth intact, her innate wisdom nurtured means we as women/mothers have the responsibility to embody the same.

Reserve the sacredness of your feminine body for a partner who can grace you with that form of respect, as opposed to a ‘boy’ who will make you a trophy in his sexual hall of fame. Recognise the intelligence of your body – it has served the pharmaceutical industry far too long to have forgotten this powerful fact.  Let go of photoshop’s standards of beauty and define beauty as you see it.

It’s of powerful disservice to the planet that women remain the objectified half of the planet and it’s time we pave the way to a world where we are treated with the respect, dignity and grace that is our birthright.


Be the change you want to see,

Samar Shera


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Be all that you are

Samar Shera



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