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The Next Time you call a Woman “Crazy”

“Oh, she’s 12 different kind of crazy”

“She cray cray honey, watch out for her”

“You just never know what you’re going to get with that one”

Just some of the few variations us women have heard over our lifetime calling us, well, crazy.

So I decided to observe what I call the ‘flip’. The instantaneous transition where a woman turns from sunshine and rainbows to thunderstorms and mud-in-your-boots. It’s the absolute truth. I have truly yet to meet a woman who hasn’t shared with me that her partner thinks she’s ‘nuts’. It’s actually so embedded in our cultural consciousness, even us women have come to the point where we joke about it. And, of course, I beg to differ.

It’s not ok, on any level, to refer to any woman as crazy. She brought you into this world, most likely raised you, sacrificed more than you will ever be able to imagine for your well-being and sent you out into the world – for you to turn around and call a woman ‘crazy’ cause she wont bend to your expectation? I think not.

If you had to live in a world where you what you wear will be held against you if you were raped – where your safety walking down the road is not granted – where gang rape and honour killings are still part of society all the while sweeping under the rug everything she feels cause society doesn’t accept emotion – while enduring your cheating on her so as not to tear the family apart – and still do so in heels, while rocking your photoshop expectations of what she should look like AND climb the corporate ladder to have a killer bank account – well holy shit, how would you fare in those shoes Mr. Dad bod (which lazy a**hole came up with that anyway?)?

More importantly, as women, it is our responsibility to acknowledge all that it is that we take on to our shoulders, and hold inside of us because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do. Everytime we ‘flip’ it serves as a compass – here lies a trigger of unacknowledged emotion that needs to be dealt with responsibly, maturely and safely .

And yes, the next time anyone refers to a woman as ‘crazy’ – kindly put him/her in their place.

Time to take our power back.

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Its not ok on any level to refer to any woman as crazyEvery time we flip it serves as a compass



Be all that you are

Samar Shera



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