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The Bimbo Effect

“Don’t ask to take a picture of my shoe closet. Ask to see my book shelf.”

I’m tired of the ‘ditz’. She’s punctuates her sentences with ‘like’ too many times, twirls her hair, and looks up at you with a helpless puppy dog look. More often than not she’s listening to Britney Spears, sports a fake tan and has no opinion of her own. Yes, she is on You Tube rejecting a pick-up line until she sees the guy’s Ferrari. And the excessive selfies, please make them stoppppppppp.

Thank you very much Hollywood for glamorizing it – “but… like… that just isn’t me” (followed by a hair twirl).

Keep your glitzy ditz. Don’t ask to take a picture of my shoe closet. Ask to see my book shelf. I like my shoes, but there is a hell of a lot more to me than just my fashion sense. Don’t step to me if you can’t handle an intellectual conversation or because you want to stare at my body. Your compliments on nothing but my physical appearance are rather superficial – thank you, the whole ‘filling my low self-esteem’ thing wont work here. Keep moving.

The whole attempting to impress a girl with your money – that’s crass. You have no idea what my bank account looks like, I simply choose to have class about it. It takes a whole lot more than currency to impress a real woman – it takes time, effort, someone comfortable in their own skin and personality.

Out with the bimbo effect ladies.  Lets not endorse this. Step up to who you really are.



Be all that you are

Samar Shera



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