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The Battle Against our Bodies

We fight, we fight and we fight. We fight to get our bodies to look like what fashion models, reality stars and social media mandates. We diet at the expense of what’s good for our bodies.  There is a billion dollar industry in makeup, cosmetic surgery and diet plans lining its very wealthy pockets by profiteering on the low self esteem they shove down women’s throats.

Now imagine a world where women woke up and loved what they looked like every time they glanced in the mirror and walked out of house in complete acceptance of their shape, body type and curves. That would free up a lot of time and energy to pursue all the things we really want to do and be who we really want to be. Instead, there’s a daily battle between what our bodies are and what society tells us it should look like.

So what will it take to free yourself from the struggle?

Here’s 5 tips to love your body just the way it is:

  1. Learn to love your reflection. If you are constantly looking for flaws when you look in the mirror, teach yourself to look at your body with loving eyes.
  2. Monitor the thoughts you have about your body. Replace the negative one with positive ones.
  3. Never criticize your physical appearance, body type or shape.
  4. Define what “looking good” means to you and live by it. Forget external standards.
  5. Indulge in physical self-care. Exercise and eat well from a place of wanting to take care of your body versus molding your body into something it’s not.

It’s time we put an end to the battle on our bodies.

In Peace,
Samar Shera 



Be all that you are

Samar Shera



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