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The Art of Mindful Celebration

We live in an era that stresses the importance of being celebrated – how many Instagram followers, how many Facebook likes and Snapchat views. Every step of the way, be it a squat at the gym, a new hair color or a café latte – we have an incessant need for applause, a confirmation we’re accepted and a validation of our existence. And here begins a mindless circus of lets clap for monkeys – just because everyone else is clapping. What are we choosing to celebrate and why? What is the impact of this senseless celebration?

The problem with getting attached to celebration is we then expect celebration every step of the way. When we stop and realize we’re not being celebrated, we think something is wrong or what we’re doing is unimportant. The child you so wholeheartedly pick and drop off to school everyday is important. The blood, sweat and tears you put into building the foundation of your business is important. The hours you spend mastering your craft while everyone is asleep is important. The time and emotional investment you put into nurturing your relationships is important. And just because no one’s clapping – doesn’t make it any less important. Frankly, I have learned to take not being celebrated in a world where what we’re celebrating is far from mindful – as quite the compliment. It’s pushed me to strengthen my self-esteem where all I need is self-validation. It threw me down the rabbit hole to understand what celebration really is – I am enough because I am and my existence is applause in itself.

So this one’s for you. The ones with their head down, in silence, doing what’s needed to get your child educated, building the foundations of your business, mastering your art, pushing yourself further on your path and doing what needs to be done on any given day that isn’t celebrated on social media. I want you to know this – you are seen, you are heard, you are felt. Seen in your child’s eyes as they light up while learning the alphabet, heard through the voices of the lives you have helped propel forward and felt in those who love you for inspiring and nurturing them. You are celebrated on a level beyond likes, followers and views.

And I salute you.

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I am enough because i am You are celebrated on a level beyond likes, followers and views. The Art of Mindful Celebration




Be all that you are

Samar Shera



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