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The Alchemy of Life

“A sense of ‘being’ is a fluid state.”

There’s a deeper dimension to every experience of life. Every encounter, every conversation, every game, every kiss is an answer to the question burned into the very core of existence – who am I being at this very moment?

A sense of ‘being’ is a fluid state. We try so hard to box a person up – perhaps for comfort. Oh, he’s such a good guy or she’s such a generous person. Good guys have their bad moments and generous women have their selfish ones. Defining a person as such is limiting because who we are being has the potential to change from second to second – and such is the beauty of our existence.

The problem is, we get so use to our own ‘boxes’, we start to live by them. Yet there is a simple way to stripping away ‘who we think we are’ and allowing something more beautiful to flow. Its called self- awareness.

I was playing something angry birds related with my son. He decided to take the dice and make up a game. I started to poke and prod and ask for the rules. He didn’t answer and kept playing. I asked again.

“Why rules mum?” he replied.

I was suddenly aware of my box. I need rules to play by whereas my son has yet to be conditioned that way – and lives spontaneously. So I stepped out of my box of ‘playing by the rules’ and enjoyed his way.

Lesson well learned. What was that quote again? Oh that’s right. Women who play by the rules seldom make history. *cheeky smile*

Strip away your boxes. That’s where who you truly are exists.




Be all that you are

Samar Shera



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