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The 10 Questions to Happiness – Part 2

A continuation of Part 1.

Where are you on your priority list?

More often than not, as women, we are last on our list of priorities. And to be clear – ‘last’ is often non-existent because by the time we’re done giving and taking care of everyone and everything, there isn’t any time, space or energy left to take care of ourselves. If you can’t wholeheartedly say with 100% confidence that you are a priority – then its time to re-evaluate how much you take care of yourself and why you’re not important enough to be first in your own life.

Are you taking responsibility for what you have created?

It’s a lot easier to blame everyone and everything around you for the way you life is. The blame game can become so inherent in one’s mode of being, they don’t even realize they are doing it. One thing I can guarantee is the blame game will keep you stuck. No growth, no change and no real happiness. Taking responsibility for what you have created empowers you on a deep level – your life is yours to create and your happiness depends on no one but you.

Is your life in balance?

Work hard. Play hard. Often the problem is we don’t realize how hard we’re ‘working’ – especially when you’re a woman raising children, running a house, nurturing a spouse, being a good friend etc. Against the modern day definition of ‘work’, where all success is pinned to the zero’s in your bank account and the size of your diamonds – its time we benchmark our happiness to realistic individual standards, not ones decided by Instagram.

Can you hear your own voice?

“Unhappiness is not knowing what you want and then killing yourself to get it” –powerful words by an ‘unknown’ author. I see in the world today a ‘happiness’ that is sold to the masses. Get married, buy a house, have kids, a never-ending closet with heels you cant walk in and ta da! Happiness!

This is so far from the truth, its borderline ludicrous. Happiness is individual, drowned out by industries who profit from you not knowing what makes you happy so they can sell you a dream. To find your definition of happiness, you need to peel away layers of conditioning and expectations of society and be prepared to stare dead in the face what makes you happy. It may be so different from what you have thought all your life, it takes an element of courage to even admit it to yourself.

Can you hear your own voice underneath all the external ones that are selling you a mass manufactured dream? What is it saying?

Do you have goals in life?

Or are you floating aimlessly? There was a tip for happiness in the movie “Hector and the search for Happiness” that I find relevant here (a great watch by the way) – “We should concern ourselves not so much with the pursuit of happiness but more with the happiness of pursuit”. To me this means, it is being absorbed in the achievement of something rather than happiness being the final destination which is where we find fulfillment. We often go with where life is taking us as opposed to deciding where it is we want to go. What stream of life do you want to go with?

Create your own happiness. You’re the only one who can.

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