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Super Woman Syndrome

“Your life is worthy of being an original Picasso rather than a mass produced Ikea print.”

We live in a world that advocates women ‘having it all’. The perfect 1950’s not a hair out of place domestic goddess of a house wife has now become the career driven, baby juggling, society pleasing, cape wearing Super woman. I mean really the action hero has nothing on us.

All this until something gives. And when you’re juggling so many things, something always gives (it’s a law of the universe isn’t it?). For me it was sheer physical exhaustion. I hadn’t taken a day off as far as I could remember and I replaced sleep with work – heck, I would sleep when I was dead.

Ya well, my body didn’t agree. Forced bed rest is a great time to self reflect on how I allowed myself to come to exhaustion point. Rest is a temporary solution to exhaustion – whats the point of resting only to go back to a life that exhausts you?

The real question I needed to ask myself is how do I change my life so it doesn’t tire me out? I based my life around a dream. Its funny how dreams seem manufactured these days. I mean is it possible that absolutely everyone wants the insane bank account, Brad Pitt hubby, a mansion on 4 acres, a shoe closet the size of Texas and unlimited clothing? I pondered my own authentic needs versus what Hollywood has conditioned me to believe I want.

Why was the quest to achieve the Hollywood dream more important than the basic ability to nurture myself, rest, pin my self worth on who I am rather than what I achieve?

I want the simple things to matter first. The love, the joy, the laughter with those closest to me. Being true to why I believe I have been put on this earth.

Ladies, you can have it all. By all means I advocate it, teach it and run workshops on it. But define what ‘having it all’ means to you. Which may mean cutting Carrie Bradshaw out of the film clip in our head. Your life is worthy of being an original Picasso rather than a mass produced Ikea print.

So here I am, I’m putting my cape down. I officially denounce Superwoman. I would rather be my version of happy than show the world I am living its dream.



Be all that you are

Samar Shera



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