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Real Change Starts From Within

Let’s face something very sobering. The global society as we know it is falling apart. We have fools like Trump running for President. The international economy is yet again unstable. The Arab world is bleeding from war. Mother Earth has been ravaged to the extent we are unsure the damage can be reversed. Racism runs deep and the treatment of refugees leave us questioning the ‘humanity’ of those in power. Why? Because we live in a dog-eat-dog world fuelled by greed, the survival of the fittest and profits guaranteed to line only the pockets of the elite minority

Who is to bring about this much needed change? It’s not the governments, as history a shown. It’s not the elite, whose private agendas far outweigh what is needed for the greater good. Religions are now being used by cowards and politicians alike to justify violence, the brainwashing of children into militants, the murder of homosexuals and racial minorities while unfairly allowing the branding of every Muslim in the same category as ISIS.

We’ve given our power away to people who are not worthy of it.

And now its time to take it back.

Because its us, who have been taught to believe we are nothing but ordinary folk, us – the mothers, the teachers, the housewives, the business owners, the lawyers etc that have the power to bring about real change.

Real change starts from within each and every one of us. If life is a reflection of us, our external world is currently reflecting a very bleak inner state. Because both men and women have become unbalanced on an interior, spiritual level. Every human being is comprised of masculine and feminine power, and when in balance, we can draw from ourselves the proper response. But as a global society, we have not only violated the feminine but demeaned, abused and shattered her to the extent that even women themselves have forgotten what it truly means to be a woman.

When the Divine Feminine flows through us, we have a heartfelt interest in the growth and happiness of those around us. Your employees are nurtured as are your children. Nurture leads to a sense of security, growth, community and a deep rooted sense of belonging. We see ourselves as part of the whole, rather than individuals out for themselves. We have the capacity to actually think beyond just ourselves.

The Divine Feminine is not driven by profits at the expense of sacrificing herself or others. The community, as a whole, is significant–rather than the lining our pockets or accumulation of wealth. This does not mean we have a problem with making money – we most definitely make the money—but for a different motivation. The Divine Feminine understands that money serves a greater good and allows us to impact more people in positive ways. Better yet, she treats money as a graceful partner to be respected as opposed to the ‘use and abuse’ manner of our time. Money is to be honored, revered and loved. It is no longer a means to an end, but a means of  ‘how can I serve and multiply in the best manner for all those involved?’  The question of money is no longer rooted in security as much as it is in pleasure and joy.

We are no longer slaves to greed, scarcity and profit when the Feminine power is in play – rather, we allow it to be of service to us while we pursue our calling, do what we are born to do, and contribute to society. There is more importance in finding yourself then there is in growing your bank account. It is of more value to be of contribution to society than it is to add that extra zero to your income.

And the result would be a world where abundance is a natural state and everyone is provided for – black, white, mother, child, male, female regardless of faith, creed, sexuality or gender.

Here’s to each and everyone of us being a Leader of Change.

Real Change Starts From Within


its time to take power back


The Divine Feminine



Be all that you are

Samar Shera



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