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Makeup – the new heroine addiction?

“Look in that mirror and admire what God gave you”

Its been an interesting thing spending most of your life not wearing make up. You learn quite some about yourself when you start to.

So here’s the thing about makeup. When you start wearing it, your natural self no longer feels good enough. I use to wake up in the morning, and wear nothing but concealer under my eyes (so I don’t look like a raging alcoholic – which I’m not by the way) and go. All was well in my world.

Then you start wearing bb cream. Suddenly your naked face is not enough. Then you wear mascara, suddenly you feel butt naked going out without it. You experiment with lipstick, now you wouldn’t dream of stepping out the house sans lip colour. Unfortunately, the phrase ‘ I need to put my face on’ becomes all but too appropriate.

Your bare face, in its natural state, just isn’t good enough anymore. Makeup is the new heroine – and we’re all hooked.

The makeup industry has hooked into you where it hurts the most – low self esteem and our wallets that compensate. You’re constantly in the hype for the next best product to come out to promise you that you’ll look like Charlize Theron from the Dior ad. There goes your hard earned money into the pocket of the ugly wicked witch promising you beauty when all she feeds you is poison.

The day you wouldn’t be caught dead without makeup is the day you know you’re in deep.  Something is seriously amiss if you’re not comfortable in your own skin as is.

I would recommend going cold turkey. Look in that mirror and admire what God gave you – you’ll have to tune out the inner critic, Hollywood’s version of photoshop glamour and Joan Rivers.

But who you see in that mirror is a lot more powerful than a billion dollar make-up industry who will convince you you’re nothing without makeup.

You’re always greater than you’ll ever believe.



Be all that you are

Samar Shera



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