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Celebrating the Feminine

It’s often been said that behind every successful man is a woman. Better yet, behind every successful woman is herself. Regretfully, both statements glide over how much a woman really does and brings to the table. In order to truly celebrate the feminine, we first need to understand it.

She has the ability to run a household, raise, educate and nurture children, be a partner, learn new skills, make money, pay the bills, be the driving factor behind a man’s success, go through pregnancy, meet society’s ridiculous standards of beauty and the other 101 responsibilities I could write a book on (all in heels mind you). Yet, we live in a society where the man is hailed simply for being a bread winner. The thing is we do so much with so much grace, that frankly, its gets taken for granted.

And I, Samar Shera, officially have a problem with that.

I also advocate change starts from within. The simple fact is, as women, we don’t celebrate ourselves enough.  Gratitude is a practice that has hit the mainstream and my question is this – how many times are you grateful for the ‘things’ outside of you versus being grateful for yourself and what you offer to the world?

And because I’m loud and proud, I would like to amp up the gratitude. Imagine every step you ever took is one large celebration of your femininity and who you really are.

Until we’re the embodiment of it, aint nothing going to change on the outside world.

Love, honour and cherish your feminine.



Be all that you are

Samar Shera



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