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More praise for Samar

South Africa

Leonorah B.

“When Samar asked me to write a small testimonial I was wondering where I would start as she is most probably one of the most exceptional woman I have ever met. She is for starters super gorgeous and when shes engaged in conversation she always listens and makes you feel like you are the only one on the planet. Samar is an exceptional healer and I have also done quite a few workshops with her. During these workshops incredible healing took place. She handles herself and her clients with effortless charm and sails through whatever is thrown at her. She is incredibly intuitive and combine that with her photographic memory she is basically a walking Google that can not only solve physical issues but also metaphysical issues in seconds. Samar has a huge huge heart and very powerful healing capabilities. With much love.”

United Kingdom

Roopam A.

“I love lessons, whether its while reading a good book or meeting someone who shares their vision of the world. Samar was born to be heard! Wisdom way beyond her years, her words, her advice and her guidance… But mostly her way! She resonates a familiarity, a positivity and optimism.”

South Africa

Aneesa S.

“Samar was highly recommended to me by a friend as a hypnotherapist. I was a bit reluctant to try it at first but when Samar explained how I could benefit from hypnotherapy I knew I had to try it. When I  went for my first session I felt very comfortable to talk about very personal issues to someone I just met  and to my surprise I felt like I could really open up to her without being judged. In  my first session I had a powerful release of issues that affected my life for a long time. I was very surprised at the amount of information the subconscious mind can store and how much it can  affect your everyday life. It was a true eye opener for me. My true healing came in the days and weeks that followed when I could see the positive effects that just one session had. It was clear that Samar is very experienced and is very confident and comfortable with what she does. I went back for a second session and I can truly say that it has made a big difference and it brought healing and awareness to myself and my surroundings. Her positive attitude for life and always finding a solution is very refreshing. Lots of love.”


Donna H.

“I had tremendous learning from Samar’s experience and we all had a blast working together and discussing spiritual subjects. I would say that the discussions led to some kind of healing and self understanding. What I love about Samar is her strong passion and dedication to her work. She really knows what she wants and she tries to achieve it with lots of perseverance and long hours of work. We all know in advance that the book she is working on is definitely going to be a success ’cause whatever she does is coming from the heart with lots of LOVE. Good Luck Samar in everything you do and please remember us when you hit stardom.  Lots of Love and kisses.”


Bassam S.

“I came to Samar with an issue that I was facing in my business, we had few sessions, with her help, I was able to go back to my inner child and retrieve incidents that was erased completely from my memory, she handled the issues professionally, I felt like a heavy stone was taken away off my chest and started breathing again. That was a life changing situation, I would like to thank Samar and wish her all the best in her endeavours. Atma Namaste”


Ali H.

“Within our first meeting I could tell Samar had a incredible hunger for helping others through personal development. This hunger embedded with passion, purpose and an extraordinary talent bring credible results for her clients. Samar’s real life experience contributes towards her clients reaching new heights, auspicious personality is contagious.”

South Africa

Jill T.

“Our very special little group participated in a constellation for my family lead by Samar. It was an emotional and incredible experience that had a profound effect on not only my family but all who were involved. Thank you for being such a wonderful light and inspiration to our group. I can speak from my experience and I believe many others, you truly are an amazing woman with an fabulous talent for helping to make our spiritual journey a smooth one!”


Sameera Z.

“I don’t have enough words to describe what an amazing holistic healer and an absolutely wonderful person Samar is! My experience with her has brought on many positive changes in me and my life. It has helped me to look at things from another perspective. One of the best experiences that I have had with her was that of the Family Constellation Workshop (facilitated by Samar). This workshop opened my eyes to a better and deeper understanding of myself, my situation, and the people in my life. This further helped me in knowing how to deal with things and people around me. Thank you Samar for all that I have learnt from you. You are an outstanding human being in every way! God bless you always!”


Shahida Z.

“Samar is an amazing person with great knowledge of her work and as a therapist. A very dedicated therapist my experience with her as a therapist been just great. Workshops with her have been phenomenal, a lot of realization of my issue had come up with an understanding and acceptance. God bless her. A loving soul, honest and dedicated to her work.”


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