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Break the MOULD!

“The world has no space for me. I must carve out space for myself” – me

We live in a world where we are moulded. Moulded into what serves the greater greed in whatever form it may take – Government, Hollywood, ruling families.

We are miserable in that mould. Zombies really. We live in the shadow of our true existence of infinite power,fulfilment of innate talents and a glory that only the Gods dare speak of.

And yet we make the choice to remain in the mould. Some people choose to turn a blind eye to the mould (think Morpheus, blue pill). Others are aware of the mould and flirt with its exterior. But there is a rare kind. A ‘Neo’ that comes along and says the hell with this and swallows the red pill – fast enough not to let the thought of what the journey entails  enter his mind but with an inner knowing that he will change beyond what he could possibly fathom.

And it is a difficult journey. A destructive one. One where you will die many, many times. A metaphorical death whereby everything you have once believed to be true will be shattered beyond recognition and you will bestripped bare of everything that ever brought you solace – only to meet the rawness of yourself. A re-born you:vulnerable, shaking and in the hands of a world where the system will not coddle you. Yet, there will be a strength, presence and grace about you within the innocence and purity that will make people bow in your presence. A presence which has survived death and shaken off what others dare not dream of – society’s shackles.

And you will go through that death again and again. Each time you will come out stronger, purer and wiser. Only if you have the courage to take the journey.

Which few ever do.

Time to step up.

Be all that you are,

Samar Shera


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Break the Mould Quote from Samar Shera Womens Empowerment SpeakerBreak the Mould Quote from Samar Shera Womens Empowerment SpeakerBreak the Mould Quote from Samar Shera Womens Empowerment Speaker Break the Mould Quote from Samar Shera Womens Empowerment Speaker



Be all that you are

Samar Shera



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