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A Dose of Self-Esteem for the Ladies

“My beauty needs no external validation”

So here’s my thoughts on beauty. I wore make up twice in 2013. I am perfectly comfortable without a streak of anything on my face (as you can see from my profile picture). I am equally happy playing with make up but it comes from a very different place.

When I put make up on its cause I’m creating something from an already perfect and complete canvas. I have no blemishes to hide, or broken nose to contour. In reality, I have both but they are absolutely 100% part of me, what I consider my beauty and therefore – I am NEVER hiding them. New day, new look – IF I choose to express it at all through my makeup.

In this day and age and the un-real standards of perfection set by society, I work with women who’s self-esteem is crippled because we can’t reach hollywood’s perfectionist standards – which ironically they themselves have achieved through the unreal means of photoshop.( Ah, photoshop. How you have impacted the world more than you know.)

Frankly, I don’t have the time or patience to look like a Victoria Secret lip touting, high heel wearing super model everytime I walk out the house. Nothing wrong with it, and there is a time and place for it, but it just doesn’t fit in with my daily lifestyle. I have a 4 year old who needs running after and I would rather have comfortable feet than sore ones. On most days, you will catch me in an absolutely natural state of beauty – one defined by me and what I find comfortable.

Do I wear foundation on a summer’s day in Dubai – hell to the no. Do I take selfies on a daily basis to post on fb to be told Im beautiful? Thanks, but my beauty needs no external validation. (please note I am an absolute selfie virgin, and if you catch me taking a pic of myself with a duck face on – feel free to put me in check). Will I throw mascara on with some red lipstick cause I have a few mins to spare and feel feisty? Absatootley yes!

Your beauty is yours and yours alone. Love it, live it, express it in a way YOU want to.

Wear make-up from a place of completion, because you choose to. Not because somewhere along the way society convinced you you have to. You are beautiful just as you are.




Be all that you are

Samar Shera



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